Humanitarian aid

In the spring of 2009 the patient Marie N. from Senegal was successfully treated by EFU. In the case of a bladder infusion, a rare congenital malformation with “protrusion of the bladder” and a missing front closure of the pelvis, the patient had already been preoperated several times in her home, resulting in an intolerable condition with permanent catheter supply and persistent bleeding Uterus. In addition, a kidney was not functioning as a result of the primary disease, leading to frequent inflammation. In an elaborate procedure, the functional kidney was removed and a continuous replacement bladder was placed from the small intestine.

Since May, the patient has been back in Senegal and there is a regular check with a German doctor. As a result, we are still in regular contact with Marie N. She is very well, the incontinence is remedied and the previous bleeding and infections no longer occur. In her thank-you note, Marie N. said that without the surgery in Heidelberg she would probably have died of her illness. We would like to extend this thanks to you, the EFU’s sponsors.

In February 2010, we helped a 5-year-old boy from Cameroon with the support of Heidelberg University Hospital. Rayne had lost three-quarters of his penis as part of a ritual in infancy. As a result of this mutilation, the watering had been severely impaired since then, and the urethral urethra had to be stretched several times. This procedure is very painful, but in Cameroon the only available form of treatment. In Heidelberg the incriminating situation was treated permanently by means of a plastic reconstruction.